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What is solar street lamp controller?

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With the constant attention of energy saving and emission reduction, new energy is used more and more. Solar street lamp is the principle of relying on solar energy to transform into photoelectric. Solar panels, generally by the light source, lamp, lamp, wire, battery, controller, battery box, foot cage, wherein the controller is the core component, then what is the solar lights, solar street lamp controller?

Solar street lighting system relies on solar panels during the day to generate electricity, and the generated energy is transported to the battery for storage. In the evening, when the illuminance drops to a certain degree or reaches a certain time, the battery is discharged by the controller to control the light source.

The solar energy controller is an electronic controller that controls the charging and discharging in the whole solar street lamp. Daytime sun charging. Perception light. In the evening, after checking the night, the street lights were automatically opened. And detect the light intensity after the street light is switched on. Automatic closing of lights in the morning after the sun was detected.

The solar controller itself is sometimes controlled and controlled two functions, light to light at night, dawn light, when the light is controlled from the beginning of time, 6 hours, 8 hours after automatically extinguished.

A good solar street lamp controller should be timing accurate, timing mode adjustment convenient and intuitive. Charging management is reasonable, can maximize the use of the power of the battery board, to maximize the service life of the battery.

The above is about the solar street lamp controller is introduced to explain what is here, solar street lamp controller used in the system or photovoltaic system of solar street lamp, it coordinated solar panels, batteries, work load, is a very important component in photovoltaic system. Make the whole solar photovoltaic system efficient and safe operation.

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