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Installation skills of solar road light pole

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Solar energy lamp (especially high pole pole) lifting positioning is a main project of solar streetlight installation projects, most of the design is based on the calculation of the pole projected, and the scene may be some solar street lamp pole and design does not match the situation, to change the pole. At the same time, it is also necessary to grasp whether the construction site is suitable for transportation, lifting the vehicle approach, hoisting equipment can be in place homework, whether the power outage or temporary intermittent traffic. Only through field investigation can the feasible hoisting scheme be worked out.

In addition to a number of key projects, the current large department road and Bridge solar street lighting project is completed in the main road project before and after the completion of traffic for a period of time. However, with the progress of economic development, solar road lighting has become a part of beautifying urban landscape. Therefore, in order to ensure the solar street lighting project, street lamp suppliers and installers should actively participate in the solar road lighting project in advance, should pay attention to the following points in the installation of street lamps:

1, to fully understand the characteristics of solar street lamp, light source, lamp, lighting for the actual scale road and reference, combined with the investment budget, reasonable selection of solar lamps, light source, light pole, to fully display the energy efficient light source, light distribution, combination of the advantages of solar lighting accessories.

2, under the premise of lighting performance guarantee, appropriately increase the distance between solar street lamps and lanterns, in order to save the number of lamps; appropriately improve the height of the solar street lamp pole, to improve the lighting effect; as far as possible in the middle of the road to separate the cloth rod, in order to save the project cost.

3, combined with road engineering, timely participate in pole selection, foundation construction and embedment in advance, in order to find the problem in time, change reasonably, guarantee quality, save investment.

4, according to the actual solar lights and geological conditions of site design, solar lamp base and lamp base, to ensure reliable basis. Special attention should be paid to the reserved Kong Shi matching of the embedded bolt and the rod seat, the correct positioning, the reasonable length and the length of the outside stay, and the thread department should be properly protected so as to facilitate the hoisting and positioning.

Lot 5, in the rock, the wind scattered fossil, ground and ground segment is difficult to meet the requirements, can be connected according to the design requirements of the galvanized flat steel conductor length, the connection must be reliable, and be suitable and reliable protection, connected with the embedded foundation, ensure the connection of each pole and reliable. Solar street lamp lamp is scattered, mainly rely on the basis of the grounding, when necessary to use the resistance reducing agent, reducing the grounding resistance.

6, hoisting work should strictly abide by the operating procedures. Special attention should be paid to the power grid lines and other lines near the hoisting equipment, as well as the surrounding structures. The hoisting points should be fair and timely adjusted after positioning.

7, pay attention to the installation of solar street lamp pole appearance. Starting from the basic construction, the lamp position is controlled by the main line, and the straightness is well controlled. According to the design curve of the road, the lamp pole is straight, the welding seam and the inspection port should be avoided from the main direction, and the whole line is consistent. The inclination angle of the lamp arm cantilever should keep the coordination of direction and angle.

8, solar street lamps interior fittings plug to tighten, insert, avoid wind pendulum loose and poor contact and cause failure. Solar street lamp and lamp pole, lamp pole and cantilever reliably fixed. High pole lamp solar street lamp in each section of rod should be set in place, the lifting frame and the lamp to reliable fixation, lifting system reliability, lifting, spacing, positioning and other functions to complete.

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