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Hardware design of street lamp controller

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The hardware block diagram of the solar street lamp controller is shown in Figure 2, which is mainly composed of power input, data collection, display, manipulation, ARM processor and output. Controller with ARM processor as the center, the parameters of battery voltage, battery voltage, ambient temperature, solar ARM microprocessor ARM collection, operation decision, temperature compensation parameter selection of fit battery characteristics, high precision control, together with the selected intelligent and efficient PWM fuzzy charging method for the storage battery, ensure the battery operation in the best condition. The controller has a key and a display circuit, which can conveniently set the operation mode and operation parameters, and display the circuit together, which can also intuitively show the operation condition at that time.

Figure 2 hardware block diagram of solar street lamp controller

2.1 the power input is somewhat

Some of the power input include the reverse connection maintenance circuit and the charging, discharging and power supply switching circuit for the power supply input, the battery input, the solar cell input and the maintenance effect. The charging, discharging and power supply switching circuit completes the switching between the city electric power supply and the battery power supply, and completes the charging control of the solar battery to the battery, and the discharging control of the battery, and provides the power supply for some MOSFET voltage stabilizing and short circuit maintenance circuits.

2.2 data collection shows manipulation

Data collection shows manipulation, including manipulation buttons, LED display circuits, voltage and current collection, temperature collection, photosensitive collection and equalization circuits. Control buttons include test keys, menu selection keys and parameter selection keys. The test button can make the controller into the test condition; menu selection key to select the operating form, each click menu selection button, the form value will change once, together will also show the corresponding parameters, the form of the press button can be selected at this time, set the operating parameter of the form of the form and parameters of operation parameters; the main data system are stored in the chip, not to lose after power off, the conditioning system operation more convenient, more reliable. The operating parameters of LED display circuit contains 5 LED status display and 2 digital tube displays, 5 LED light emitting diode to display solar battery, battery, electric load, 1 load, 2 operations, 2 digital tube in the parameter setting parameter form and the apparent separation form. In the absence of temperature, apparent parameter settings. Voltage current temperature collection, collection, collection, collection of photographic separation battery and solar battery voltage, discharge current, temperature, light collection, and these signals for the ARM processor processing voltage current collecting circuit by ARM processor control, then control the equalization circuit is operating.

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