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Guangdong wisdom Lighting Co., Ltd. is a collection of R & D, design, manufacturing, trade and technical services in one of the high-tech enterprises, is located in one of China's economically developed areas: the Pearl River Delta, the hometown of overseas Chinese, Jiangmen.

The company specializes in smart city construction lighting control system and product development, production, such as: intelligent lighting control system, intelligent street lamps, intelligent tunnel lights. Provide no line communication field product applications, GPRS/CDMA/EDGEDTU/ROUTER smart street lighting control system in the domestic leading position. A wide range of business, involving urban construction, electricity, environmental protection, transportation, meteorology, safety supervision and other business. The technological innovation system with the core of intelligent control technology has been formed.

Companies continue to increase R & D investment, the use of advanced production equipment and management concepts, continuous technological innovation and process improvement, with good quality and perfect service has won the approval of the majority of customers. Leading products in the industry and good reputation in the market.

The company has strong technical reserves and innovation ability, the formation of a by the application of electronic, software development, business management, marketing and other technology research and development of organic integration of multidisciplinary professionals and management team. Roommate R & D center, marketing center, manufacturing center, production base covers an area of about 8000 square meters, the existing staff of more than 260 people, including primary, intermediate technical personnel 38, 6 senior engineers, 2 doctor.

A research collaboration with Nanjing University, China Science and Technology University and other universities laboratory, to achieve the "production and research" science, industry and trade "organically, laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises, the development of strong stone.

We conform to the general trend, actively promote and cooperate with the construction of smart city, warmly welcome our customers and friends to pay close attention to cooperation, and jointly create a better tomorrow!

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